Other accessories, prices, availability and delivery on request.

Railway Track

We also offer the well-known «Keiserschienen», which are only suitable for indoor use. All informations can be found here: Keiserschienen

We supply various accessories and consumables around the Livesteam hobby for model trains in gauge 1.


We sell an improved fan. It has a rechargeable battery and a stepless speed adjustment.


The well-known «Keiser Schienen» in gauge 1 and gauge 0 are still available.

  ● Anthracite coal (grain size for gauge 1)

  ● Burner wicks (ceramics, cooper or stainless steel)

  ● Ceramic-Paper

  ● Steam cylinder oil

  ● Ceramic burner for S2/6 and BigBoy ( ---> on request )

  ● Clutch toole

  ● Lubristyl (pocket oiler)

  ● Manometer

  ● Tube black BT5 (ø 5/3  and ø 4/2)

  ● Silicon compound white (content 20ml)

  ● Silicon tube for burner

  ● Suction fan to heat up (Accucraft oder Twerenbold)