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Exclusive importer of Aster Hobby Live steam models!

We would like to warm welcome you on our website for Aster Hobby gauge one live steam models made by Aster Hobby Inc. in Japan. Read and experience more over the thrilling live steam hobby, have a good time!


Future of Aster Hobby Japan


Aster Hobby Co Inc has entered into a collaborative partnership with Accucraft Trains Inc. because of several problems like the economic problems in Japan, the Brexit, etc.! So far we don‘t have detail informations how this compound will look. But Aster Hobby Japan will be remain independent in the future with an own team and still an office in Japan.

The first model to be made from this new arrangement will be the new BR 9F. When this will arrive and at what price and in what formats (kits? RTRs?) and what specification and who will sell it we don‘t know at this point.

The day-to-day business of Aster Hobby Japan will continue. The spare parts service is guaranteed and works as before.

The support from Aster Europe for his customers is still available. Once we have more informations we will post it here.


Project-Study for the OCEM coaches

The Project-Study for the OCEM coaches is developing well. The design phase is nearly finished and we will receive the first prototype in September 2016. As soon as we will have more informations we will publish them on our website ( or they can be requested via email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

SBB E3/3 «Tigerli» -- available now

This alcohol-fired two-cylinder engine made by Aster Hobby Japan is particularly suitable for "newcomers" to the live steam hobby. We only offer the Exclusive version with Detail option.

There are 5 different colors available.

  • - black
  • - black/navy blue 
  • - black/green
  • - black/brown
  • - black (Dutch version)

Utility car K2

Additonal there is a suitable utility car K2 as supply wagon for alcohol and water in order to increase the running time considerably. Available as a kit.

Freight car brown

This brown car is without function and also available as a kit.

More informations and reservations by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Test in Japan February 2016 

Application Decal Set  

1.) Put decal into the water.
2.) Stick wet decal to the wagon.
3.) Dry it completely in room temperature.
4.) Bake wagon with decal by oven for about half an hour (120°C).

5.) Remove the film on the surface of decal. 



SBB coaches 3 axle -- available now

Aster Europe exclusively distributes the Live-Steam versions of the 3 axle SBB coaches from the well-known company "Dingler Modelleisenbahnen". Opposite to the Finesacle version this will be produced in a simpler execution and as a low-budget model. 


The coaches are made complete of metal and suitable for use on Livesteam tracks.


There are coaches from 3 different eras (1915 / 1940 / 1957):


- Bellows, without stage ---> SOME LESS COACHES AVAILABLE

- Platform, with stage ---> SOLD OUT 


Detailed informations, price informations and reservations are available by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


UP FEF #844 and #837 -- AVAILABLE NOW

The latest american model, the UP FEF is now available. There are two versions: black (# 844) and gray (# 837). The gray version is actually already sold out and also from the black version are only a few kits left. Specifications and informations can be found at the following link:


Orders are taken under:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Rebuilt Merchant Navy Class -- sold out
The Rebuilt Merchant Navy Class is sold out.

UPP Water tank car -- sold out
Both versions of the Union Pacific water tank car (#814 Joe Jordan and #814 Jim Adams) are sold out.
SNCF 140-C

Aster Europa has given green light for the production of the optional extra coal boiler kit for the black version of the SNCF 140C. All kits are sold out, more informations to this topic under SNCF 140C with coal firing

The green kits of the SNCF 140C-302 are sold out. The one who is thinking of getting one shall better reserve it today than tomorrow! More informations in general of this beautiful engine you found under this link French Models

This PLM version of the 140 model will be produce in a small lot by enough request.
More information about the modification to RC steering you will find under Modification of a R/C in a SNCF 140C Kit




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